Practical Mindfulness the MindAlign Way: The M.A.P. Back Home to Yourself for Less Stress, More Joy & A Fuller Life


Through a combination of science, Western medicine, and healing modalities learned from healers and spiritual leaders around the world, I break down the incremental steps to living a life of greater mindfulness with the MindAlign Method.


Practical Mindfulness the MindAlign Way (Book 1) gives you the science, examples, and best of all the practical exercises to help you work with yourself to have less stress, more joy and a fuller life.


By first learning to work with your physiological nervous system, you will develop the self-regulation skills to manage your reactions that are the true source of your stress; get in charge of your life; and bounce back from any challenge. This is the foundation for feeling better in every moment with mindfulness based self-regulation.


The MindAlign Method will help you transform your life, relationships, career, and entire world into what you've always wanted it to be.

Practical Mindfulness the MindAlign Way

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    • 64 pages
    • Coil bound; lays flat no matter what page you are turned to
    • Clear plastic front cover sheet; black plastic cover on back