Become MindAlign-certified today!


Dr. Sagan's MindAlign Methodolgy has transformed thousands of people's lives. Now YOU can become certified in the very methodology that has worked for years and bring it into your own workplace.


Join Dr. Sagan for a 3-day certification where you will learn how to practice the MindAlign methodology in your own life; how to incorporate that into your work with others; and gain practical experience through group work and exercises.


What to expect:


  • A deep dive into the complete MindAlign Methodology; you will learn how to work with yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally; then how to bring that into awareness and presence
  • Practical mindfulness-based self-regulation and self-direction techqniues
  • Mindset, movement, and mind-body integration techniques to use for yourself and your clientele
  • The opportunity to ask Dr. Sagan targeted questions
  • Unique recommendations customized to you and your needs


You will ALSO get:


  • A FREE copy of the MindAlign Training Manual, not available anywhere else. This is only for certified MindAlign trainers.
  • EXCLUSIVE access to the MindAlign Facebook group for MindAlign-certified trainers, where you can connect with others who have had the same training, network, and share your successes!
  • A certificate of completion stating that you are a certifiied in the MindAlign Methodology!


If you are ready to not only bring more mindfulness into your own life, but into your work as well, now is the time to sign up and become a MindAlign-certified provider.

MindAlign 3 Day Certification Course

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