Feeling Lost? Self-Connect to Self-Direct (Part II)

August 31, 2018


Yesterday's post was an introduction to the benefits of self-connection when you're feeling lost, stressed, and overwhelmed.


Pausing to reconnect with your innermost self is the best way to locate your center and regain clarity and perspective on that which is causing you stress. Even if your circumstances don’t change immediately, chances are you’ll be feeling better about your ability to handle whatever life serves you.


Today we’re continuing the topic of what to do when you feel like you’re losing direction. What do you do with the information you access from self-connection? How do you use that insight to direct yourself into a life of authenticity and integrity? (We like to call this living in alignment, or self-alignment.) How do you bridge the “being” state of self-connection with the active “doing” of self-direction?



Finding Your Inner Compass through Self-Connection


The act of self-connection has many benefits, such as relaxing the nervous system, nurturing self-love, and recharging your energy. Another powerful benefit is that you begin to access useful information that can guide you into the life of fulfillment you desire.


When you land into a space of self-connection, you are able to see with greater clarity and perspective. You gain insights to yourself, others, and the world around you. You can distinguish distractions from the things that matter most to you. This process illuminates your likes and dislikes, your yes’s and no’s, your passions and purpose. It is the pathway back home to yourself.


The more you pay attention to yourself, the more insights will emerge. You will begin to notice what brings you joy and fills you with a sense of purpose. You’ll also begin to notice what’s been chipping away at your self-connection and creating internal friction.


Your ability to notice these things is a reflection of you listening more closely to your core self. Keep allowing your inner voice of wisdom to come through and inform you of what is right for you.


Expect to gain valuable insights into your life during states of profound self-connection. Nurture these refreshing moments of clarity as they cut through distraction, because they will move you toward what it is that you truly want, and away from the things that aren’t truly important or beneficial.


When you cut through the clutter and come back to your center, it’s as if you re-calibrate your inner GPS to know exactly where you are and where you are going in life. Imagine how much stress and pressure this can lift off your life!


To access your inner compass, practice maintaining self-connection in everyday life. By listening to your core self, you’ll be able to direct your way through life with intention and confidence.



Self-Direction: Navigating Through Life


Self-connection is the seed from which you are able to self-direct.


When you are connected to your core, you begin to sense what direction is right for you. The stronger your self-connection, the clearer your sense of direction. Clarity allows you to strengthen (or even regain) your sense of meaning and purpose in life. And once you start to align your mind with your life, you begin to live your truth.


How does this work? Well, when you’re attuned to your inner needs and desires, it’s far easier to commit to the action that meets that purpose.


The process goes something like this: Turn your attention inward and self-connect to notice what is working, or not working. Align your mind with your insight by choosing the direction that you want for yourself. Align your body with your mind by taking action that moves you forward in that direction. This is how you align your mind, with your body, with your life!


Although this may all sound abstract and hard to attain, it’s actually rather concrete and actionable. For example, if you want to end your work day feeling relaxed, choose to focus 100% on your projects instead of wasting time on social media. If you want to reduce your risk of genetic disease, choose to live a healthier lifestyle. The practical applications are endless. Self-connection and direction can help you make the right decisions in both the immediate future and the long-term, and can suit whatever life you want for yourself.


The examples above are simple, but the same principle holds true for any movement you want to create in your life. To bridge insight with action, let yourself be guided by the inner voice that comes through in moments of introspection.


So in instances of feeling lost and unsure of your life’s direction, follow what you feel from within to forge a pathway that plays to your personal strengths, experiences and passions. Follow your inner guidance to move in the direction you inherently want to: away from fear and anxiety, towards your purpose and inner peace.


Living in alignment with your core self frees you to be authentic and true to yourself. Even if your true path doesn’t match what society, friends, or family think you should do, you no longer feel lost, but purposeful.


So the next time you’re feeling lost, come back home to yourself. The solution is already within... You just need to access it.

Check back in tomorrow for an exercise on building self-connection to access your inner guidance!

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