Upon walking into the first session with Dr. Sagan, I felt a very warm and loving energy, making me feel safe at a time when I had very little trust in others. I immediately felt seen and heard in a way that was much more profound than a person is usually able to offer. Part of this is because there are no boxes to fit into with Dr. Sagan, she sees you as an individual and as a whole person. Dr. Sagan is one of the most genuine, authentic, loving people I have ever met. She has saved my life and changed my life by allowing all the space, patience and guidance I needed to align with my authentic self and shift out of the reactivity and limiting beliefs that ruled my life.

Mentorship Client

Are you ready to take your life or business to the next level of alignment, authenticity, and ease?

Mentorship is the KEY.

Sign up here for a one of a kind mindfulness-based life skills mentorship according to the principles of the MindAlign Method.

Mentor directly with Dr. Sagan, Founder of the method, or one of the MindAlign Institute Coaches.  Either way, your life is destined to change as you do!

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