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The Fight to Preserve Human Intelligence


“Ever since I had a phone I stopped paying attention to people. Every time my mom took away the phone I would be quiet and not social. I did not have a phone for 2 years - that helped me change a little bit, no social media so I started talking more to people.  This year I got a phone and now I don’t go outside anymore so I don’t know how the real world is." - Margaret, 19


“It feels like I was floating, like my feet weren’t touching the ground. It started 15 years ago. I was not synced up, I was out of touch with reality. Time skips and time is off. Sometimes I feel completely out of sync. Things in the past felt slow moving or I felt things were moving quickly. It was hard to process and to get everything in line. It led to me acting impulsively because I had no time to process information. It felt like I was floating in the room." - Bella, 21



“I feel like I’m drifting and loopy, wandering in space, not concentrating. I couldn’t learn, being out of sync created rage, I’d stay mad. The release of anger and adrenaline helped me feel grounded. I used to fight before doing drugs, then replaced the fighting with drugs. I didn’t want to be cooperative so I stayed in bed."  - Orson, 20



Depression, loneliness, suicide, random acts of violence, opiate addiction, and more are sweeping the nation at an alarming rate. People without any history of mental disorders are seeking psychiatric care in unprecedented numbers.

We are in the midst of a mental health crisis... but why?

Having witnessed the impact firsthand from the frontlines of the mental health and residential treatment world, Meredith Sagan, MD, MPH has reason to believe that our societal collapse is directly related to the impact of 5G radiation, electrosmog, our rising addiction to technology and social media, and artificial intelligence.


This conclusion emerged after meeting dozens of patients who shared stories like those above. Young people were relating their physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing to the pollution of their inner and outer environments.

(Read those stories here.)

In 2016, Dr. Sagan established the Institute for Human Intelligence as a direct response to this crisis.


As our inner and outer environments becomes increasingly polluted, we are at risk of losing the very thing that gives us our humanity: our Human Intelligence; our social and emotional intelligence that makes us human.

Recognizing the urgent need for action, Dr. Sagan established the Institute for Human Intelligence for the study and preservation of that which makes us human.


We are creating a new culture and community to experience, learn and promote Human Intelligence. We experientially study what makes us human, both separate and together, and seek to preserve these gifts so that our youth are prepared with the tools they need to survive and thrive in our rapidly changing times.


By supporting the Institute for Human Intelligence, you are joining the movement toward environmental protection and community mental health. With your help, we can save our society during these rapidly changing times and preserve Human Intelligence for future generations to come.


Your donation will go directly toward funding the following projects:

  • A documentary film to raise awareness of the problem and solution,

  • Workshops, online videos, & live events teaching emotional, social, and Human Intelligence,

  • Research examining the cultivation of Human Intelligence and the interaction of biology with technology, and

  • A brick and mortar site to house the Institute and community.

We are currently a privately-funded organization, but in order to expand our mission to preserve Human Intelligence we are now asking the public for donations. With YOUR help, we can:

  • Educate the public about the environmental dangers threatening our mental and physical wellbeing, and

  • Provide the tools and resources that are the solution to the problem.

Our planet, our species, and our children are running out of time.

The time to take a stand is NOW.

Support the fight to preserve Human Intelligence TODAY.








Why Does Human Intelligence Matter?

When we are being Humanly Intelligent we are aligned with our physiology, thoughts, and feelings. Our brain chemistry is more stable. As we are aligned in our bodies, emotions, and minds, we are able to study our own reactions to learn and grow from whatever we experience and can thereby create more function in our lives.


In learning to become more Humanly Intelligent, we preserve our brain chemistry which is vital for mental health. We can learn to master the art of stress reduction, another crucial skill for thriving in modern times. Even our relationships become easier and more functional.


By becoming more Humanly Intelligent, we can avoid many of life’s problems that come from living in an artificial world.


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