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    Collaborative Education for an ever increasingly artificial world    





Welcome to the MindAlign Institute

for the

Study and Preservation of Human Intelligence

The MindAlign Institute is bringing attention to the need for the study and preservation of Human Intelligence in response to an ever increasingly artificial environment.  As Artificial Intelligence becomes a more predominant force to contend with, we need to know not only what separates us from that which is artificial, but also how we can thrive in the midst of the massive changes that are upon us as a result of the advancements in technology.  The indigenous peoples of this Earth were the Alpha, and now they are the Omega, as we begin to transition into these next phases of our Earth cycles. 


There is now a deep calling amongst many to return to ways of Mother Earth in order to learn how to live more harmoniously together as Humans.  As the Author of the "Gender Design in Nature," and founder of the MindAlign Method and Institute™, and creator of The Natorium™, Dr. Meredith Sagan strongly believes that now is the time to embrace, study and finally preserve that which makes us human, so that we can preserve this wisdom that is essential for the survival of our species well into the future. 


The Institute's core curriculum, the MindAlign Method, teaches students how to understand and work with their human nature physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually, in order to learn how to decrease stress and increase the enjoyment and function of life. 


The Natorium™ is Dr. Sagan's experiential nature therapy classroom, where we get to study how to work with each other harmoniously as human's by studying how nature stays in balance with itself.  By learning to listen to the voices of the plant's and the life of the garden, we can learn to become more sensitive to each other's human needs.  The Natorium™ is where we experientially study the Gender Design in Nature™ and then apply it in our own lives to learn to create more harmonious partnering, family and community relationships.  

Why Does Human Intelligence Matter?

When we are being Humanly Intelligent we are aligned with our physiology, thoughts, and feelings. Our brain chemistry is more stable. As we are aligned in our bodies, emotions, and minds, we are able to study our own reactions to learn and grow from whatever we experience and can thereby create more function in our lives.


In learning to become more Humanly Intelligent, we preserve our brain chemistry which is vital for mental health. We can learn to master the art of stress reduction, another crucial skill for thriving in modern times. Even our relationships become easier and more functional.


By becoming more Humanly Intelligent, we can avoid many of life’s problems that come from living in an artificial world.

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