The MindAlign Institute is bringing attention to the need for the study and preservation of Human Intelligence in response to an ever increasingly artificial environment.  As Artificial Intelligence becomes a more predominant force to contend with, we need to know not only what separates us from that which is artificial, but also how we can thrive in the midst of the massive changes that are upon us as a result of the advancements in technology.

Dr. Meredith Sagan has been preparing her materials on Human Intelligence since 1992, when she began to study mindfulness, social and emotional intelligence, and various approaches to cultivating health and healing around the world. However, it wasn't until 2019 that it became exceedingly apparent that the materials she had been working on were developed specifically for these times. Today Dr. Sagan has constructed a complete methodology to teach and preserve Human Intelligence: the MindAlign Method, a direct response to the need of our times.

Today, the MindAlign Institute seeks to educate the public through experiential workshops and the distribution of resources to help individuals reconnect with their inner Human Intelligence and direct their lives toward more meaningful connection with themselves and others. 


The Institute is a hub for like-minded healthcare practitioners, researchers, teachers, and leaders who also promote the cultivation of Human Intelligence. Driven by the spirit of collaboration and human connection, we call others behind this movement to join us in our mission to find ways of connecting more deeply within ourselves and with each other. Together, we accomplish much more than we ever could alone. 

By studying within ourselves what makes us uniquely human, we will be able to preserve our Human Intelligence in an ever increasingly artificial world for years to come.



To conduct the study and preservation of Human Intelligence.


To empower you on your journey to personal growth by teaching you the mindfulness based skills to move your life in the direction you want.


To provide transformative experiences to shift you into greater alignment with yourself and others.

To create a vibrant community where we are collectively raising our consciousness and celebrating our unique journeys.

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