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The MindAlign Institute is bringing attention to the need for the study and preservation of Human Intelligence in response to an ever increasingly artificial environment.  As Artificial Intelligence becomes a more predominant force to contend with, we need to know not only what separates us from that which is artificial, but also how we can thrive in the midst of the massive changes that are upon us as a result of the advancements in technology. We are here to teach you the adaptation and resiliency skills for this time through aligning with our human selves. 


Meredith Sagan, MD

CEO, Founder, MindAlign Institute

The MindAlign Institute teaches Dr. Meredith Sagan's novel MindAlign methodology, which is based upon her Mindfulness Based Self-Regulation and Direction (MBSRD) techniques to give you a dynamic approach to all of your wellness needs: physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual. The basis of the methodology is that it offers a pathway to ground yourself back into your body so that you can access and operate from your Human Intelligence.

MindAlign is a movement based, mind-body integration method that teaches you practical life skills to stay balanced in any situation (self-regulation), and guide yourself into the direction you want (self-direction). These techniques lead to rapid personal growth and transformation - first within yourself, then in relationship with others.


This methodology cultivates greater health, happiness, and alignment with your life's purpose.



Get in charge of stress with this entry level course teaching the MindAlign fundamentals for practical everyday mindfulness. You will learn to understand and work with your human nature using mind-body integration techniques needed to manage stress (and life!) more effectively.   


Gender Design in Nature

Learn to work with each other harmoniously as humans by studying how nature stays in balance with itself.  This is how we can learn to become more sensitive to each other's human needs and apply it in our own lives to create more functional partnering, family and community relationships.  

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