MindAlign: The MBSRD Methodology

Mindfulness Based Self-Regulation and Direction

Mindfulness Based Self-Regulation and Direction (MBSRD) is at the core of all MindAlign teachings. MBSRD uses movement and mind-body integration techniques to teach you the 21st century survival skills of how to manage reactions (self-regulation) and give yourself direction to go where you want to go in life (self-direction). Together, these skills create a powerful pathway to inner peace, alignment, and transformation.


Meredith Sagan created the MBSRD methodology by fusing the best practices of Western medicine with the teachings of healers and masters from around the world. She distilled everything she learned into simplified, foundational skills that cultivate self-connection. The result is a unified, incremental, non-sectarian methodology that incorporates key elements of various healing traditions and makes them accessible to you.

Key Themes

MBSRD is based on fundamental ideas that are common across different medical and spiritual traditions. Two of these key themes are movement and mind-body integration.


Movement is the vehicle to change, growth, and alignment, making it one of the pillars of MBSRD. This theme is woven through the entire methodology, underlying every lesson and technique.

In the beginning, MBSRD teaches you how to move out of a reaction into self-regulation. This ability is based off of specific movement forms, which involve:

  • Movement of the breath and body,

  • Movement of feelings through the body, and

  • Shifts in thought patterns.

From here, you can develop the skills to move your life in the direction that is right for you (self-direction). These higher-level skills include movement forms for:

  • Responding to life’s circumstances,

  • Dynamic movement in relationships, and

  • Moving from where you are now, to where you want to be in life.

MBSRD guides you into exploring different movement forms to 1) learn how to move in a way that feels good and 2) create desired change. Where you can feel good and create movement in your body, you can feel good and create movement in your whole life.

To initiate intentional growth and change, harness the power of mind-body integration.

Mind-Body Integration

The mind-body connection is a powerful tool for growth, but there is little education on how to make it useful in daily life. The second pillar of MBSRD teaches you to use your mind to pay attention to what is happening within yourself (and later, with others) to make mindfulness practical in real-life situations.

A strong mind-body connection can help you stay out of reactivity and instead move into responsiveness. It allows you to maintain inner balance, peace, and alignment, no matter what is going on around you. When your mind and body are integrated in Self-Alignment, you can follow your inner guidance to move in a direction that is right for you. You are naturally connected with your authentic self and live your truth in every moment.

Such holistic self-connection results from the continuous practice of mind-body integration. As you bridge your mind with your body, you cultivate the relationship you have with yourself. As you nurture self-connection with MBSRD, you develop the foundational skills for a life that works. Where you can manage and connect with yourself, you can manage your relationships and connect with others, resulting in the ability to move through life with flow and ease.

MBSRD: Pathway to a New Way of Being

MBSRD is an experiential (rather than conceptual) approach to personal growth and inner transformation. You apply what you learn, as you learn it. And in every moment that you are practicing self-regulation and direction, you are on the pathway to a new, more fulfilling way of being.

Instead of getting caught up in the physical, emotional, and mental reactions that lead to disconnection, stress, and problems in living, you’ll learn how to create inner alignment, peace and function.

Instead of being distracted by life’s pressures and demands, you’ll learn how to create more ease, space, and flow in the midst of today’s rapid, fast-paced society.

Ultimately, you will learn how to live from a state of inner peace and tranquility and give yourself direction from your higher intelligence, no matter what comes your way.

Life will never be the same again.

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