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The MindAlign Institute believes that 's roots are based in teaching personal growth skills to help you achieve lasting health and healing, naturally. MindAlign was built on the belief that mental health issues and life’s challenges are not fixed diseases, but rather problems in living that can be used as opportunities for personal growth and transformation.


The MindAlign Method provides the vehicle for that growth.

The MindAlign Triad of mentorship, life skills education, and community, backed by Dr. Sagan’s decades of personal and professional experience, provide the tools you need to live a life of authenticity and alignment.

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To teach you how to bring mindfulness into every moment of your life, with yourself and with others.

To empower you on your journey to personal growth by teaching you the skills to move your life in the direction you want.


To provide transformative experiences to shift you into greater alignment with yourself and others.

To create a vibrant community where we are collectively raising our consciousness and celebrating our unique journeys.


Mindfulness Based Self-Regulation and Direction

The MindAlign Institute teaches Dr. Meredith Sagan's novel MindAlign methodology, which is based upon her Mindfulness Based Self-Regulation and Direction (MBSRD) techniques to give you a dynamic approach to all of your wellness needs: physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual. The basis of the methodology is that it offers a pathway to ground yourself back into your body so that you can access and operate from your Human Intelligence.

MindAlign is a movement based, mind-body integration method that teaches you practical life skills to stay balanced in any situation (self-regulation), and guide yourself into the direction you want (self-direction). These techniques lead to rapid personal growth and transformation - first within yourself, then in relationship with others.


This methodology cultivates greater health, happiness, and alignment with your life's purpose.

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Mentorship. Life Skills Education. Community.

Life Skills Education

Get an integrated, incremental, practical training program to help you transform your life.


Founder Meredith Sagan teaches self-awareness and life transformation through movement.


Learn and grow with others on the path to personal growth through self-regulation. 

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