Mindful Moment: Turn Your Attention Inward...

Did you read out our last post on the importance of self-connection when you're feeling lost?

In case you missed it, check it out here.

When you're feeling overwhelmed and burned out, sometimes you just want to turn on your shows, scroll through social media, eat a brownie, take a nap, or tune out in any other way that can temporarily take you out of your brain and body. We've all been there!

But sometimes the best way to recharge and reset is to come back to yourself and turn your attention inward. Turns out, this little trick helps you create more peace, space, and ease inside (regardless of what's going on externally).

For that, here's a little exercise that you can use to self-connect and come back home to yourself. This is a great mini-mindfulness exercise for times when you're feeling unsure of yourself, unsure of your direction, or unsure of your purpose.

It also helps if you practice this in the few quiet moments you do have all to yourself - not just in times of stress. This allows you to build up muscle memory for self-connection and makes it easier for you to live in self-alignment, where you'll find ease, peace, and purpose.

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